Clearing Things Off My Plate

I am nearing my departure date for the Willapa Bay AiR where I will spend 28 days in August as an artist in residence. I am anxious, nervous, excited and ready! I will be working on final revisions to “Pressing Matters” and “Bullygirl” and… ?

The last two weeks have been spent clearing my plate. I‘m busy finishing tasks, sending emails, post-dating checks, making lists, shopping (new pens and a rain parka) and spending time with Kathie.

Now we wait. And find ourselves oddly spending time alone in the same room. We are both getting used to the idea of the other not being there.

My cat is dogging my every step.

I get cranky when asked about a project that will begin on my return. “I can’t think about that. Stop putting things on my plate, I’m full and I don’t want seconds!”

One month. 28 days. To write. To contemplate. To create.

Cleansing my palate.

I am scared that I will have nothing. Just an empty plate. White. Okay, maybe a bit of blue trim. And a little glob of mustard left over, stuck.

Okay, see? I can’t even have an empty plate.

What am I worried about? My inside voices never shut up, I just don’t have the time to listen. I’ll have a whole month to listen. No alarm clock. No phone (I have no coverage where I’m going). Get up, rinse, swish and spit. And fill that plate with something new.

See you in a month.