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My new life ratio – creative:job. Today is my last day at my job at Vios. A little over 5 years ago I made the decision to leave my 40+ hour a week job after 12 years for a variety of reasons, one being the need to re-explore my passion for theater and to make more time for it, or decide to change my life’s direction. Since that time, I have directed 4 mainstage productions with Printer’s Devil Theater + other shorts, developed, performed and toured 2 new solo shows, faced a challenge of playwrighting for The 14/48 Projects and started A Family Affair—Cabaret, served up family style with my amazing wife Kathie Whitehall. This past year, a 10-minute play I wrote was a winner in The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival and will be published this January; I became a recipient for the 2015 Willapa Bay AiR; I am working with a local publisher on the stories from my solo show for a collection; and this week I signed an options contract with an Off Broadway producer for a 12-performance showcase of my work in NYC Off Broadway in 2016. So, I guess I’m sticking with theater. Thanks to Vios for being EXACTLY what I needed it to be and a wonderful place to work and meet amazing new friends and patrons. A heartfelt deep thanks to everyone who has supported me. Now I shall go get fetal for just a few minutes.