Bell & Battery Cabaret

Jennifer returns to Seattle to host this unique retrospective on the history of the Rendezvous. On March 16 hang out after the show and wish Jenn a happy birthday!

In a neighborhood hurtling towards the future, spend time digging up the past. Seven of Seattle’s most innovative artists find inspiration in overlooked stories in Belltown’s history. From 1890-2018; from Denny to Virginia, join us for this irreverent variety show that asks: how do we make something new out of our past?

Featuring: Adé, Eric Ray Anderson, Jennifer Jasper, Angie Louise, K. Brian Neel, Markeith Wiley, Shin Yu Pai.

Directed by Jane Kaplan

Bell & Battery Cabaret: Then To Now

Story Night Bennington

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Brown Cow Cafe
Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 7:30pm

Theme: Dirt
Hosted by Forest Byrd

$5 if you have it

True Stories, no notes or props, up to eight minutes, up to eight tellers.

Pressing Matters

Mary J. Davis and MBL Productions, Inc. Present

Pressing Matters

By Jennifer Jasper
Directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt

Premieres April 20, 2017
and runs through May 20, 2017

Theatre Row
410 W 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Dec. 21 Family Affair

This is our last Family Affair in Seattle! Don’t miss it!

We have a full evening planned for December. Two acts and an intermission. Join us for some holiday cheer!

December performers include the FABULOUS
• Joe Zavadil
• Laurie Jerger-Johnson
• Dave Schmader
• Kelleen Conway-Blanchard
• Julia Francis
• Kathie Whitehall
• Gigi Rosenberg
• Paul Mullin
• Bhama Roget

We will be on hiatus for a few months while Jennifer Jasper’s evening of short plays “Pressing Matters” is running Off Broadway in New York.

Over the last three years, Family Affair has raised over $7,000 for 29 artists. We’ve had more than 125 artists perform from a variety of disciplines—many have been on our stage more than once.

Jennifer Jasper, in association with JewelBox Theater, presents a monthly cabaret all about family. Family Affair, hosted and curated by Jennifer Jasper. Storytellers, dancers, writers, musicians and artists share their hilarious, twisted and ultimately relatable familial skeletons on the third Wednesday of each month. As needed, each performance benefits a family in the artist community who has had an unforeseen crisis. The evening closes with a new story randomly drawn from Jennifer’s kooky family album of Jasper Jewels.

$10 Cash Only at the door or online at

Tickets are $10 cash at the door.

Wednesday, December 21
Show Starts at 7:30pm.
Doors open at 7pm.


Jennifer Jasper’s play, EGGS, is a finalist for the 2016 City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting!

The City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting furthers the company’s mission to identify, acknowledge, and award excellence in dramatic writing. This season’s collection of playwrights who are finalists were selected from a fierce pool of 1,100 talented writers. The winning play is guaranteed production in the annual Summer Shorts Festival, for which the playwright will earn a $1,000 cash prize, royalties, an invitation to Miami for the festival, and an invitation to partake in the CityWrights Professional Weekend for Playwrights. Not all of the finalists’ plays become current or future Festival productions. However, all finalists are invited to CityWrights to see the Festival, take part in the conference, and have reading of their works performed by the City Theatre ensemble of actors.



2016 Summer Shorts

Jennifer Jasper’s play, EGGS, is one of nine plays chosen nationally as part of City Theatre’s Summer Shorts play festival, held in Miami, FL June 2-July 3, 2016. She is also a finalist for the 2016 City Theatre National Award for Short Playwrighting. The winner will be announced at CityWrights Miami, June 23-26, 2016.



Summer’s Blooms

With the weeds pulled and the mulch laid down, it’s time to enjoy the summer, look over the garden and see what’s taken root and grown since last fall.

In my creative garden, seeds have germinated and are working their way up to the sunshine. I have a short play entitled “Here, Gus” which was part of Live Girls! Cupcake Series this spring and it feels as if it may grow into a full length. I am also cultivating a seedling that will reveal itself sometime in the next year.

My collection of short plays entitled “Pressing Matters” will be in full bloom Off Broadway next April in NYC after some careful pruning and nurturing over this summer and into the winter. Produced by Mary J. Davis and MBL Productions, Inc.

Opening up now is “Eggs” which can be seen in Miami at City Theatre, June 2–July 3 as part of their Summer Shorts Series.

I’m working on some community pea patch projects with some local creative gardeners. Keep your eyes peeled for some work with Sandbox Radio, Pony World, Scot Augustson and Kelleen Conway-Blanchard.

I’m also nurturing some tall sunflowers that stand alone: Mik Kuhlman’s “House 30” will be presented at this year’s Bumbershoot and Kevin Kent’s “Eulogy” will be back in Seattle sometime in the near future. Eric Lane Barne’s “Is It Just Me” will return next spring.

“Bullygirl” will enjoy some more fertilizing under the deft hands of director Shawn Belyea thanks to support from an 2016 Artist Trust GAP Grant.

Meanwhile, I’ll be puttering around in my garden togs and sunhat, drinking iced tea and picking beautiful bouquets for Family Affair. Every third Wednesday at the Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater.


Clearing Things Off My Plate

I am nearing my departure date for the Willapa Bay AiR where I will spend 28 days in August as an artist in residence. I am anxious, nervous, excited and ready! I will be working on final revisions to “Pressing Matters” and “Bullygirl” and… ?

The last two weeks have been spent clearing my plate. I‘m busy finishing tasks, sending emails, post-dating checks, making lists, shopping (new pens and a rain parka) and spending time with Kathie.

Now we wait. And find ourselves oddly spending time alone in the same room. We are both getting used to the idea of the other not being there.

My cat is dogging my every step.

I get cranky when asked about a project that will begin on my return. “I can’t think about that. Stop putting things on my plate, I’m full and I don’t want seconds!”

One month. 28 days. To write. To contemplate. To create.

Cleansing my palate.

I am scared that I will have nothing. Just an empty plate. White. Okay, maybe a bit of blue trim. And a little glob of mustard left over, stuck.

Okay, see? I can’t even have an empty plate.

What am I worried about? My inside voices never shut up, I just don’t have the time to listen. I’ll have a whole month to listen. No alarm clock. No phone (I have no coverage where I’m going). Get up, rinse, swish and spit. And fill that plate with something new.

See you in a month.