Clarity vs. Claritin

Clarity vs. Claritin

I have been suffering from allergies (hayfever – I thought) for years. They had worsened over the past five years. I blamed them on the beautiful yard Kathie and I maintain year-round. It is worth it. Then we changed our diet. We cut certain things out for 30 days and what do you know? My allergies are almost non-existent. My dependence on my daily dose of Claritin, gone.

Well, shit, as my mother would say.

So, yeah, maybe I should lay off the red wine. I’ve known for a long time that I react to it. It makes my face turn bright pink. I wake up with a sinus headache the following morning, even after one glass. Oh, I’m not crazy. I’ll drink wine. But now, with thought instead of mindlessly swigging down the cheap stuff. Maybe if I spend money and enjoy the experience I will not be so greedy with my sips.

I’ve said I’m not a writer for years. Or really an actor. I just do what I do. I have had many arguments over the semantics of what to call myself. Then over the last five years I’ve taken to putting words on paper. Organizing my thoughts. And now I’m writing.

Well, shit.

I’ll always perform. I can’t help it. I love the spotlight and hearing the audience react to the tale I’ve just spun—sometimes out of thin air. But now there is a new thrill— the thrill of hearing someone else speak my words.

So, yeah, maybe I should write more. Maybe I have more than 10 minutes worth of ideas.

So instead of Claritin, I’m opting for clarity.