My thing…

So…here’s the thing. In January I was asked to write a little 10 min thingy for this thing called 14/48 – The World’s Quickest Theater Festival. I said sure put me down for that thing. So I wrote this thing which ended up being a really sweet little thing. Then a friend said, “Hey, you should send that thing you wrote to this festival-thing in NYC.” So I did, I mean why not? And I forgot about it. That thing. Then I decided I wanted to do this other thing in August and started making plans, still forgetting about the little thing. Then I remembered that thing and then I forgot about it again. Then I got the email saying that this little thing is now part of this actually pretty big thing and then I started reading about how big this little thing had gotten and I thought “this thing is going to kill me”. Now I need to ask for help which is not my thing. At all.

But here it is. This thing is called Etymology and anything you can do to help would be so appreciated.

Here is where you can go to find out if this is your kind of thing:

Thank you so much,