Sandbox Radio!

Sandbox Radio returns to Town Hall, Seattle for our latest all new show recorded LIVE for podcast…ONE NIGHT ONLY!



A brand new piece from special guest JENNIFER JASPER

The return of “Cousin Katie” by Scot Augustson

A fresh new play by Lisa Halpern

A 2016 Seattle Boomtown Operetta by Elizabeth Heffron

Plattitudes: from the mind of Peggy Platt

A brand new Sci-Fi series set in Seattle, created by the Sandbox Radio writing team and kicked off with Episode 1 by Wayne Rawley

“The Shooting of Dan McGrew” by Robert W. Service, adapted for Sandbox Radio with music and sfx

Your favorite Sandbox Radio Players:
Eric Ray Anderson
Keith Dahlgren
Sarah Harlett
Laura Kenny
Mik Kuhlman
Imogen Love
David Natale
Rebecca Olson
Peter Dylan O’Connor
Dan Tierney
Annette Toutonghi
Seanjohn Walsh
Richard Ziman

and The Sandbox Radio Orchestra featuring
Dave Pascal, Dan Tierney, Robertson Witmer
and maestro Jose “Juicy” Gonzales

Produced and Directed by Leslie Law and Richard Ziman
Music Direction and Original Music Composed by Jose “Juicy” Gonzales