Solo Shows


Conceived and performed by Jennifer Jasper. Storyteller Jennifer Jasper pulls no punches in Bullygirl as she delves into the darkness of adolescence to pick at the bones of her self-esteem. Told in her unique voice mixing pathos and hilarity, Jasper spits out tales of bullies, victims in plaid stretch pants, a shunning, and a young teacher’s near breakdown as she revisits the halls of horror: Junior High.

“I Can Hear You…But I’m Not Listening”

Conceived and performed by Jennifer Jasper. Jasper explores her experiences as the middle daughter in a family of five girls with colorful (and off-color) stories in her own unique storytelling style. From her early efforts at speech therapy to her Laura Ingalls Wilder obsession to her discovery of her grandfather’s “interesting” hobby, Jasper’s expert comic skills and her gift for wringing laughs from the dark and uncomfortable moments of growing up make each performance unique and revealing.

“It Will Kill Them!”

Conceived and performed by Jennifer Jasper. Everyone has tried to put Jennifer Jasper in a box. Is she a queer artist? Lesbian? Bisexual? Mainstream? In her signature comedic storytelling style, “It Will Kill Them!” explores the struggle she’s had with the need people have to label her. She has been performing improvisational stories of her life for decades. Recently, she had critical success with her one-woman show, “I Can Hear You…but I’m Not Listening.”


Conceived and performed by Jennifer Jasper. Improvisational performer Jennifer Jasper takes you on a journey from growing up the middle child to the middle of her own mid-life.