Summer’s Blooms

With the weeds pulled and the mulch laid down, it’s time to enjoy the summer, look over the garden and see what’s taken root and grown since last fall.

In my creative garden, seeds have germinated and are working their way up to the sunshine. I have a short play entitled “Here, Gus” which was part of Live Girls! Cupcake Series this spring and it feels as if it may grow into a full length. I am also cultivating a seedling that will reveal itself sometime in the next year.

My collection of short plays entitled “Pressing Matters” will be in full bloom Off Broadway next April in NYC after some careful pruning and nurturing over this summer and into the winter. Produced by Mary J. Davis and MBL Productions, Inc.

Opening up now is “Eggs” which can be seen in Miami at City Theatre, June 2–July 3 as part of their Summer Shorts Series.

I’m working on some community pea patch projects with some local creative gardeners. Keep your eyes peeled for some work with Sandbox Radio, Pony World, Scot Augustson and Kelleen Conway-Blanchard.

I’m also nurturing some tall sunflowers that stand alone: Mik Kuhlman’s “House 30” will be presented at this year’s Bumbershoot and Kevin Kent’s “Eulogy” will be back in Seattle sometime in the near future. Eric Lane Barne’s “Is It Just Me” will return next spring.

“Bullygirl” will enjoy some more fertilizing under the deft hands of director Shawn Belyea thanks to support from an 2016 Artist Trust GAP Grant.

Meanwhile, I’ll be puttering around in my garden togs and sunhat, drinking iced tea and picking beautiful bouquets for Family Affair. Every third Wednesday at the Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater.