One Weekend Only! July 27-28th at Theatre Off Jackson – Be there!

Printer’s Devil Theater presents I Can Hear You…But I’m Not Listening, a night of comedy with Jennifer Jasper.

In 1982 a young Jennifer Jasper gave stand-up comedy a try. Her father was in the audience and afterward came up and said “So…you’re really funny. You are. But … you’re not really gonna do stand-up, right?”

And Jennifer realized a couple things. First, that a Komedy Klub in Albuquerque, NM was just the sort of depressing place where somehow it seemed natural that a father might say that to his kid. And second, if her family wasn’t going to follow her career, that pretty much freed her up to talk about them.

Jennifer did end up pursuing a career in comedy, but not the strange comedy club route. She took the even stranger theater route.

And she also never shut up about her family.

Printer’s Devil Theater presents a night of storytelling and yes, stand-up comedy with Jennifer Jasper in I Can Hear You … But I’m Not Listening.

Here she is 30 years later to explore her family’s influence on her life choices. (Some smart choices, some….well, maybe not so smart.) Her colorful (and off-color) unscripted stories reveal her gift for merging the light with the dark.

Who: Printer’s Devil Theater, in association with Theatre Off Jackson, presents I Can Hear You… But I’m Not Listening, conceived and performed by Jennifer Jasper, directed by Stephen Hando.

What: Jennifer Jasper’s stand-up comedy explores her family’s influence on her life choices.

Where: Theatre Off Jackson (TOJ), 409 7th Avenue South in Seattle’s International District.

When: One Weekend Only! July 27 – 28th at 8:00 pm.

Tickets: $15 in advance; $18 at the door.